Pinnacle Asset Group, LLC
Pinnacle Asset Group, L.L.C. is a processing and receivables management firm and limited liability company in the State of New York. Our firm specializes in the acquisition of portfolios of past due receivables for the purpose of settling delinquent consumer obligations in good faith and with the consumers voluntary cooperation whenever realistically possible.

We at Pinnacle Asset Group, L.L.C. have the legal ability and reserve the right to settle these accounts and claims by offering the consumer a substantial reduction, as a courtesy to the consumer, to achieve a quick and amicable resolution to the matter. While this is always our desired outcome, under certain circumstances we do however also reserve the right to pursue litigation through a member of our legal network of affiliate state attorney's against qualified accounts and claims whenever deemed appropriate or necessary by our Chief of Staff in the event voluntary recovery settlement options cannot be mutually agreed upon or adhered to despite our best efforts.

If you have received a letter and/or phone call from this office about your account or claim, we urge you to contact a member of our team so that we may attempt to offer you several options to diligently try to settle your account or claim amicably with a win-win solution that will benefit all parties concerned. We at Pinnacle Asset Group, L.L.C. do strive to take all relevant possible consumer hardship situations under consideration as we attempt to mediate these accounts and claims on a voluntary basis. We have found that in the vast majority of situations, we are able to help the consumer choose a settlement option to release them from any financial or legal obligation to their account or claim provided that the consumer truly does wish to come to terms on an acceptable payment arrangement by working with a member of our experienced and professional team.

this is a communication from a debt collector. federal law requires us to inform you that this is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.